Storytelling: This Year's Model

Back in 2005 when CNN experimented with something called “Storytelling” in which they would jettison whatever ties they had left to objective media for “some sort of hybrid of news and strong dramatic narrative. You know–kind of made-up fictitious s*** with a pleasing emotional resonance”, as Ace of Spades put it back then.


Really worked out well in the ratings, huh?

But somebody must like the concept, because a variation is being adopted by the Associated Press under the brandname of “accountability journalism”, as James Taranto explains, adding:

The AP’s embrace of “accountability journalism” would seem to be a response to the proliferation of opinion, especially on the radio and online. You would think that given the glut of opinion, “mainstream media” organizations like the AP would emphasize what they are particularly good at, namely impartial reporting. But maybe they weren’t that good at it to begin with.

No–and the rise of talk radio, Fox News and the Blogosphere have apparently so unnerved the MSM that they seem to be rushing headlong into abandoning their remaining claims of objectivity.

To be fair, an 80-year old paradigm maybe long overdue for a tune-up. But just make sure everyone gets the memo when the new model is announced, please.


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