Ed Driscoll

Hollywood Almighty

John Podhoretz describes the upcoming sequel to Bruce Almighty as “basically a pro-environment rip on the Republicans”:

The new Steve Carell movie, Evan Almighty, opens next week. This sequel to Jim Carrey’s Bruce Almighty made headlines because it is, by far, the most expensive comedy ever made, approaching $200 million in production costs (and probably another $50 million in marketing costs). That’s a lot of money. A movie like that needs a very broad-based appeal. Probably not the best idea to spend that kind of money on a movie that basically writes off and insults the political views of one-third of the United States. Right?

Of course, over at the New York Times, films that write off and insult the political views of half the United States are a feature, not a bug, as the Times calls for more pro-abortion movies.