Ed Driscoll

Blowup--Also Without The Cool Herbie Hancock Soundtrack

Of McCain’s F-bombing of fellow Republican Sen. John Cornyn this past week over the immigration bill, Betsy Newmark writes:

Blowing off Cornyn to embrace Kennedy might be a sincere expression of what McCain believes in regarding immigration but it’s not a move to endear himself to those whose votes he needs to win the nomination. We’re less concerned that the man has a bad temper than why and at whom he chooses to exercise that temper.

Meanwhile, Robert Byers (who’s a Duncan Hunter man) believes he hears the death knell for McCain’s campaign chances. In a way, McCain’s currently lost his stature with two constituencies: his base of voters feels alienated, and his media base of liberal Beltway journalists has already begun to turn towards Obama and Hillary. The latter group was lost the moment the 2008 race began; is McCain too out of touch to win back the former?

Update: Speaking of Blowup, Michelle Malkin spots “The bigger ‘F**k you!'”