Ed Driscoll

In Search Of A Monolithic Media

Somewhat akin to global warming advocates who hate seeing anything in print from someone who doesn’t worship at the temple of Gaia, Greg Mitchell is still in search of a monolithic legacy media. Here’s how Mitchell ends his Editor & Publisher piece on Bill Moyer’s upcoming agitpropumentary:

The program closes on a sad note, with Moyers pointing out that “so many of the advocates and apologists for the war are still flourishing in the media.” He then runs a pre-war clip of President Bush declaring, “We cannot wait for the final proof: the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Then he explains: “The man who came up with it was Michael Gerson, President Bush’s top speechwriter.

“He has left the White House and has been hired by the Washington Post as a columnist.”

Shocking. But even worse: ABC has given a microphone to another former White House aide who recklessly called for the assassination of Saddam.