Ed Driscoll

Defining Victimology Down

Mickey Kaus links to up and coming tyro blogger “N. Ephron”; I appreciate his willingness to bring new and unknown talent to light in the Blogosphere. (Will you stop this riff?–Ed) Ephron thoroughly puts NBC and their airings of Imus and Cho into sharp perspective:

Another reason I didn’t write about Imus, incidentally, is that by mid-week, the entry level into the Imus-commentary sweepstakes changed, and since I do not have two daughters, much less two beautiful black daughters, I was ineligible to comment on how Imus’ remarks would deeply affect them (if they were old enough to read) or had already affected them so much that they would probably never recover. I might even have made the mistake of talking about Imus’ “victims,” when actually the victims were the only true winners of the week, and by the way, how bad can it be for the victims that they were insulted by a lunatic but then got to be on Oprah?

That’s exactly right. We’ve defined the V-word down many, many notches when a championship basketball team can feel “scarred for life” over the ramblings of a shock jock with a salon for liberal Beltway elites. I wonder if any of the students (or their coach) have gained any perspective on their language after the Virginia Tech massacre, which left 32 real victims, plus hundreds of grieving relatives and friends.