Ed Driscoll

Candidates Respond to SCOTUS PBA Ban

Jim Geraghty writes, “Today’s partial-birth abortion ruling complicates lives for the Democratic candidates. The GOP is probably 90some percent opposed to partial-birth abortion; for them it’s a no-brainer”:

Even Rudy liked it.

For pro-choice candidates, the interest groups (NARAL, etc.) are likely to declare this decision the first step on a slippery slope, the camel’s nose in the tent, etc., and thus they will declare this decision disastrous.

Jim collects quotes from Edwards and Obama, but given the current name of his blog, one candidate’s quotes are, at the moment, prominently missing, and are perhaps being formulated as we speak. Given that she’ll probably want to run as the successor to her husband’s policy that abortion should be “safe legal and rare”, it should be interesting to watch her triangulate on this issue, and see which direction(s) she breaks towards.

Update: Jim has revised and extended his post to include Hillary’s remarks, which are of a kind with Edwards and Obama. I think her husband’s take would have been more artful under similar circumstances.