Ed Driscoll

But Without The 22 Percent Monthly Interest Rate

A bunch of longform articles I’ve been working on over the past few months seemed to have reached simultaneous fruitition this week. So all of a sudden, like Visa, we’re everywhere you want to be:

Home Electronics? The cover story of the May/June issue of The Robb Report’s Home Entertainment magazine is my piece on “Eight Easy Ways To Update Your Home Theater

Music? I have a piece on electronic harmonizers in the April issue of Computer Music. It’s out now in England, and will be available next month in the US. Here’s the Blogcritics product review from last fall which inspired it, to hold you over.

High Fashion? In the latest issue of Classic Style, I have a piece on Apparel Arts, the 1930s and ’40s menswear magazine that birthed not only Esquire but GQ, and continues to inspire designers such as Ralph Lauren and (especially) Alan Flusser to this day.

At the moment, those are all strictly “dead tree” articles. But here are a couple of online items:

Media Bias? Thanks to the InstaPundit, you’ve probably already seen this.

Podcasting? I produced the latest Blog Week In Review for Pajamas, in which Austin Bay interviews The Belmont Club’s Richard Fernandez on the state of the hot war in Iraq and the increasingly heating up one against Iran.

Be on the look out for all of the above at your favorite newsseller and/or Internet. And tell ’em we sent you!