Ed Driscoll

Imus Updates And The Media's Radical Chic Memory Hole

Don Imus is suspended from broadcasting for two weeks, which, depending upon your perspective is either a bitter pill to swallow, or remarkably light punishment when compared to others who’ve uttered racial obscenities and seen their careers banished down the pop culture memory hole. (My money’s on the latter, for what it’s worth.)

Speaking of the memory hole, David Bernstein writes:

I am somewhat overwhelmed by the absurdity of someone apologizing to Al Sharpton for making a bigoted remark, and then Sharpton not accepting the apology. Talk about glass houses! Imus should certainly have apologized for his remark, but not to someone with Sharpton’s history.

But to the media, Al Sharpton’s history begins with his meeting Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and Bill Bradley during the 2000 election. Like the Democrats’ pre-2003 stance on Iraq, or more radically, John Kerry’s Winter Soldier phase, and Robert Byrd’s stint in the KKK, Al Sharpton’s past doesn’t exist.

In other words, if it’s not mentioned on CNN or a recent issue of the New York Times, it simply hasn’t happened, as far the legacy media–especially the television media–is concerned. Therefore, Al Sharpton, recent Democrat advisor and presidential candidate, is the perfect person for media celebrities who have transgressed, such as Michael Richards and Imus, to go for contrition. I wonder if even they know his background, or if they’ve somehow personally deleted it from their cranial wetware?

(This also explains the repeated usage in the MSM of the words Swift, Boat, and Vets as a pejorative. Since Kerry has no past prior to 2004, then any unauthorized discussion of that past must be a smear!)