Ed Driscoll

A Modest Proposal For Harry Reid

Tim Blair links to Newsweek’s interview with George Monbiot of England’s leftwing house organ, The Guardian:

MONBIOT: It is becoming morally unacceptable now to fly to go on holiday. The carbon emissions per passenger mile are roughly the same from a plane as they are in a car, but while in a car you might travel 10,000 miles in a year, in a plane you travel 10,000 miles in a day. So individually, by taking a flight, you are doing more damage than you could possibly do by any other means, and your luxury is depriving other people of their necessities.

NEWSWEEK: Have you given up flying?

MONBIOT: The only reason for which I will fly is to campaign on climate change.

As Tim writes, “Planet Destroyed To Save Planet”.

Having just returned from an up close and personal weekend inspection tour of several of Las Vegas’ better casinos, restaurants and other sophisticated establishments proffering high quality adult beverages, I’ll believe Harry Reid actually believes in global cooling-warming-climate change-whatever-it’s-called-this-week, when he calls for Vegas and its airport to be closed down. Like Leo and John and the movie industry, Al Gore and Nascar, and Gore’s own conspicuous energy consumption and private 767-200 jet usage of the company whose board Al sits on, it’s a reminder that the goal isn’t reducing a phantasmic climate change, but growing big government.