Ed Driscoll

The Views They Didn't Keep To Themselves

Power Line’s John Hinderaker has some thoughts on CNN correspondent Michael Ware’s outburst at a John McCain/Lindsey Graham press conference in Baghdad:

Having publicly committed himself to the proposition that everything that happens in Iraq is a disaster, having publicly ridiculed those who pointed to optimistic developments, how can anyone trust that Ware’s future reporting is giving us anything like the straight story from Iraq? And what does his conduct say about his employer, CNN? How much confidence can we have in their reporting from Baghdad, or anywhere else?

About as much as we did in 2003.

Update: Or after this statement by their senior editor for Arab affairs, three years later.

Update (4/2/07): “Michael Ware Denies Heckling Mccain“; Paul Mirengoff of Power Line remains unimpressed, however.