Ed Driscoll

Out Of The Closet

Last year, when fashion designer Marc Jacobs chose his San Francisco storefront’s windows to let the full measure of his BDS blossom, I wrote:

In his classic 1977 book on selling, master automobile salesman Joe Girard wrote that when facing potential car buyers, “Political stuff I say nothing about, because politics is not something you can talk about with a customer without getting into trouble. If my own son were running for President, I wouldn’t ware a Girard For President button to work”.

That sort of thing used to be common sense in business. But as with so much of what used to be common sense, it seems to be dying away these days in our bluer alcoves.

Kesher Talk spots more evidence of just that hatred coming out of the closet (so to speak) in the Big Apple.

Pardon me while I go all McLuhan on you for a second: The sort of insular groupthink and lack of diversity within the cocoons of the Parenthesis States that the above ad campaigns highlight is reactionary of course, but somewhat understandable. But how much do such overt public displays of BDS impact the pronouncements (such as this one) of a news media and entertainment industry that once served both sides of the political aisle for much of the 20th century before media balkanization increasingly kicked in after 9/11?