The Coming Internecine Battle

Richard Baehr takes a look at The State of the Race on the left:

If Hillary’s campaign collapses, it will be one of the least pretty sights in American political history. This is a woman wound up very tight, and always controlled, but completely unprepared for failure in her Presidential quest.

Given that Obama has come close to pulling even with Hillary already, I think there is a very good chance that at some point this year he will pass her, since he has room to expand his base of support, and she is desperately trying to hold on to what she has. If Obama becomes the frontrunner, I think Hillary is finished. While a new face frontrunner would normally get tough critical reviews from the press, the major media is in full swoon mode over Obama.


Read the whole thing; badly faked southern accent optional.

Update:‘I don’t feel no ways tired.’ Did she really say that?!?”


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