You Can't Spell "Old School" Without "Old"--Even In Word

Chris Sprow of The Chicago Sports Review writes

KC Johnson is a 38-year-old bowtie-wearing Brooklyn College professor with a Harvard degree. He has a passion for American history, and he enjoys the classroom. And due to his own peculiar mixture of annoyance and curiosity, he might be the most oft-cited source for those looking for coverage of what could formerly be called “The Duke Rape Case.”

That it was ever dubbed “The Duke Rape Case” as opposed to “The Duke Investigation” or “Allegations in Durham” is part of why he exists as we know him. He’s a common story in New York and Durham. Kurt Andersen has written about Johnson’s work in New York Magazine, and calls him “heroic.” The exceptional legal writer Stuart Taylor Jr. has written about him in Slate. Many others have, and some will surely follow.

And yes, old-media lovers, he’s a mere blogger; a word that our Microsoft Word still holds in contempt, an underlined outsider.


My copy of Word doesn’t–it only takes a keystroke to keep it up to date. Speaking of which:

He’s also further evidence of how, even inside a newsroom, it’s long not been a debate whether the “web logger” has changed modern journalism for the better, no matter how much it can sting us in the old school


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