Ask And You Shall Receive (More NJ Videoblogging)

A month ago, I linked to the Newark Star Ledger’s nascent video blog site devoted to all things New Jersey (designed by Sekimori, who previously overhauled this site’s graphics), and wrote:


Hopefully TV Jersey will have plenty of South Jersey video coverage in addition to Newark and the rest of northern New Jersey.

While the project is being launched by a large metropolitan newspaper that’s seeding the site’s early video clips, there’s no special sauce here. Anybody with a camcorder and editing software, along with a broadband connection for access to YouTube and could put something like this together for their region as well.

David Corrigan wrote me yesterday about his own video blog, a well-produced site whose name says it all: South Jersey Video Magazine.

Here’s a recent sample, with footage of an impressive snowbound tiger and other critters “enjoying” a typically harsh New Jersey winter. Sadly, no sloths involved, but I can’t tell you how representative the interviewed veterinarian


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