This Week's Story Of The Century

Betsy Newmark describes how the media could make this week’s STORY OF THE CENTURY even better:

Gosh, if I thought of myself as a serious journalist and then got a job working for a 24-hour news channel, I don’t know if I could respect myself in the morning.

The death of Anna Nicole Smith, a woman famous for no particular reason except for her physical attributes, has given them an excuse to show endless loops of her at various weights and states of undress.

The only thing that would be better for cable news producers is if there could be some way to connect her death to the astronaut story. And maybe if Paris Hilton could make a guest appearance.


Despite all of the vaunted talk of the superiority of the legacy media to the Blogosphere, they live for train wreck stories such as Anna Nicole Smith and NASA’s Lisa Nowack. And, sadly, so do their audiences.

Update: John Podhoretz, whose New York Post certainly knows a thing or two about tabloid scandals, has found the perfect angle to up the ante–and it might even be true, to boot.


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