Wow, That Was Fast, Part Deux

Joe, we hardly knew ye!

Update: Meanwhile, Biden’s original target, before he shot himself in the foot, carries some pretty extensive baggage of his own, apparently.


More: Will Al Gore jump into the fray on Oscar night? That’s what Donna Brazile, his former campaign manager is speculating.

Another Update: Betsy Newmark asks:

Now that Drudge has picked up on this interview, I have to wonder if the media will pay half as much attention to this gaffe by Biden as they do to Republican gaffes. Will the Washington Post run as many stories on it as they did on George Allen saying macaca? Will every story about Biden and his resolution against the war have comments about Biden, the man who spoke so demeaningly of Barack Obama? Will this be taken as some sort of verbal expression of what Biden really thinks about blacks? Will reporters tie together these other racist-tinged gaffes that Biden has made and draw some grander generalization? Or will it be laughed off by all the reporters who just think that Joe Biden is such a nice guy?

As Betsy adds, “I think we know the answers to these questions”. Sadly, yes.


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