Ed Driscoll

"Stick To The Center"

Tammy Bruce links to a Bloomberg article which quotes a freshman Democrat from Indiana:

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — Representative Joe Donnelly, a freshman Democrat from Indiana, has a blunt message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Stick to a “middle-of-the-road agenda” or their party’s control of Congress may last just two years.

If Pelosi “goes too far one way or another, we’re not coming back,” Donnelly says. He sees his party’s victory in the November elections as less an endorsement of its agenda than a rejection of Republican rule: “People just got real tired of this bunch, and they fired them.”

Donnelly’s view reflects those of many of the 30 House Democrats elected in districts previously held by Republicans. Their fragile hold on their seats means they’ll be pushing their new speaker, who represents heavily Democratic San Francisco, to limit confrontations with President George W. Bush and the Republicans over taxes, the war in Iraq, stem-cell research and abortion.

Sounds like a wise suggestion to me, but overreach by Pelosi and Reid seem, initially at least, to be the far more likely scenario.