Gutfeld: "Sometimes The Afterlife Scares Editors!"

Regarding Saddam Hussein’s terminal moment, Greg Gutfeld has some thoughts on “how to explain Saddam’s death to The New York Times“, and other elite journalistic endevors:


Death is one of the most difficult subjects to broach with editors of large metropolitan papers. But you can’t avoid it, or pretend not to hear their painful questions. They’ll want to know why. And you’ll need to deal with it.

Especially when the person who dies is someoneyou’ve come to know and love, like Saddam.

Gutfeld adds:

It will be normal for the editor or columnist to be curious about why Saddam died, and you should always answer honestly. If he or she asks, “Why did Saddam have to die,” simply say, “Because evil George Bush said so.” They will understand.

Remember that people who work in newspapers can’t handle a lot of information at once. Better to focus on the basics. When Bill Keller asks, “Are we better off now that Saddam’s dead?” simply say, “Saddam definitely is better off! God has put him up in Heaven with other martyrs!” He’ll like that!

Expressing your emotions are an important part of healing! If an editor or reporter asks why the execution was rushed, just shed a little tear and say, “at least he died with dignity.” Then offer the grieving a hug. No tongue. This is neither the time or the place.

Sometimes the afterlife scares editors!

Just ask ABC.


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