Hogarthian Diploma Mills

Back in my college days, I would have signed up for this course in an Old Milwaukee second. Cathy Young writes:

Maybe the next frontier in the academic battle against all varieties of oppression should be “drunk studies.” Why not an academic program championing the idea that “alcohol abuse” is an artificial construct based on the mainstream culture’s oppressive notions of what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate consumption of alcohol? “Drunk studies” could tell us that the stigmatization of drunkenness stems from the Western valorization of such dubious values as self-control, rationality, and obedience to social norms, and reflects a pernicious fear of rebellion against inhibitions and authority. Of course, it would also question conventional wisdom — supposedly based on scientific evidence, but really rooted in anti-drunk bias — about the deleterious health consequences of alcohol abuse and the dangers of drunk driving. After all, the goal of “drunk studies” would be to empower drunks!


Glenn Reynolds suggests the perfect professor to helm the course; Ann Althouse has some thoughts on the just-as-ludicrous actual course that inspired Young’s proposal.

Incidentally, if the courses that Young and Althouse discuss ever got together for a chat, this would have to be the food of choice at the interdepartmental meetings!


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