Piercing Insights

The Cranky Professor links to an excerpt from a recent Washington Post article on tattoos and piercings:

“I told her I was thinking of getting one on my nose, but she said, ‘No more piercings,’ ” Funderburg recalled. “I know my mom thinks it’s a form of mutilation, but it’s not. It’s a matter of self-expression.” The only downside of her eyebrow ring is that she had to remove it for her job, which has a no-facial-piercings policy.


He replies:

It’s mutilation AND self-expression. What’s so hard for the young to understand about that? I love the anecdote about the girl catching her belly-piercing on a slamming car trunk. Me, if I were in med school I’d be going into piercing-hole-reconstructive-surgery, along with tattoo removal. There’s going to be a lot of work in the future.

IndeedTM. And this post seems like an opportune time to refer back to one of my favorite quotes on the subject from the good Doctor Dalrymple.


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