Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day

The last sentence of this is a classic:

Ten years after he created Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes says he still avoids mentioning his place of employment in certain circles.

“It’s just not worth going through the hassle at an elite party,” he says. And: “The only reason I know we’re doing the right thing is that we’re widely criticized.” And: “I’ve never felt out of the mainstream in America. I’ve felt out of the mainstream at Le Cirque.”

Via Stephen Spruiell, who has more thoughts on Fox’s tenth anniversary, as does Betsy Newmark.

And incidentally, I think Jonah Goldberg had a great take on Fox a couple of years ago, when he wrote, “at least one of the things that has made Fox News successful isn’t that it’s right-wing, it is that it’s populist.” The channel openly roots for the U.S., which, frankly, is more than you can say about the other television news networks.

(At least at the moment.)