Ed Driscoll

You Want Some Control, You've Got To Keep It Small

In his latest column, James Pinkerton explores “The Importance of DIY Movies“:

As a movie critic for TCS Daily, I sometimes feel like a bicyclist at a Harley-Davidson convention: My presence is tolerated, people are friendly enough, but I’m not exactly necessary. I know that most TCSers want to get their brain-motors running, reading-wise, on heavy-metal issues of technology and society. And any techster today knows that movies are just a small part of the show — a legacy medium, shrinking relative to the endlessly proliferating content to be found online.

This is something I spotted back in March, when I wrote:

Hollywood is rapidly becoming just another niche entertainment product. And as it rewards films that are aimed at coastal niche audiences, and critically shuns the movies that reached the widest viewers, it has only itself to blame.

At this point, I