Ed Driscoll

That'll Leave A Mark

Well, actually, probably not, because the New York Times’ Bill Keller is too cocooned to notice. But this post by Glenn Reynolds eviscerates both Keller’s moronic defense of the Times’ exposure of classified wartime programs…

Some of the incoming mail quotes the angry words of conservative bloggers and TV or radio pundits who say that drawing attention to the government’s anti-terror measures is unpatriotic and dangerous. (I could ask, if that’s the case, why they are drawing so much attention to the story themselves by yelling about it on the airwaves and the Internet.)

And he explains the origins of America’s press freedoms to boot. Or to paraphrase a man who surely must be one of Keller’s heroes, these pixels were made for you and me.

Update: Boy, if you thought Keller’s argument above sounds specious, wait’ll you see the first draft! (Man, and I thought my first drafts were pretty sketchy…)