Ed Driscoll

I've Seen This Story Before

Power Line writes of the Washington Post’s Karl Vick, who has nothing but sweet kisses and bonbons for Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But then, the bulk of the western media–especially CNN–had rarely a discouraging word for Saddam Hussein and his frequent 99.96 percent “election” victories.

If Iran under the mullahs ends in the same fashion as Iraq under the Baathists, I wonder if any of the western media will be honest enough to write something like this immediately afterwards.

Update: Hey, who says the BBC doesn’t have a sense of humor–an inadvertent one at least, as Rand Simberg notes:

[Jimmy Carter’s] comments are significant, given that he was the president when US relations with Iran hit an all-time low.

As Simberg writes, “Some British reporter actually wrote this with a straight face, and some British and Australian editors actually printed it, again with no humor intended”.

Chaps, it’s time meet Jay Nordlinger.