Ed Driscoll

Byrd Lives

Since 2004, Lorie Byrd’s writing was one of the best things about the PoliPundit blog. But she’s being forced out of the nest:

I received a lengthy email from Polipundit tonight alerting us to an editorial policy change that included the following: “From now on, every blogger at PoliPundit.com will either agree with me completely on the immigration issue, or not blog at PoliPundit.com.” I would provide additional context, but Polipundit has asked that the contents of our emails not be disclosed publicly and I think that is a fair request. There has been plenty written in the posts over the past week alone to let readers figure out what happened. Polipundit ended a later email with this: “It’s over. The group-blogging experiment was nice while it lasted, but we have different priorities now. It’s time to go our own separate ways.”

Chalk it up, I guess, to the Blogger fatigue that’s been making the rounds lately. But it seems rather silly to (a) break up a winning team and (b) lose a great writer.

Fortunately, she’ll continue blogging on her eponomously titled Byrd Dropping blog.