Ed Driscoll

Bipartisan Contempt

Back in January, I looked at the pincer movement the Washington Post has found itself stuck in lately. While the Post expects to be attacked from the right (because, to only slightly modify a recent Jonah Goldberg riff, “birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and conservative columnists gotta indulge their schadenfreude” about the sorry plight of the media. It’s what we do), lately it’s come under even more vociferous pressure from the left. That’s something that Post columnist Richard Cohen recently discovered himself, much to his horror.

The L.A. Times, while far inferior in overall quality to the Post, is beginning to see similar bipartisan contempt emerge. Conservatives such as Hugh Hewitt, Patterico, Cathy Seipp, and umm, me, have long been pecking at it. But lately, Susan Estrich, best known as Michael Dukakis’ campaign manager back in 1988, is none-too-thrilled with the Times’ coverage of Anthony Pellicano, the wiretapping Hollywood detective. Estrich writes:

Maybe it