Ed Driscoll

You Don't Say, Part I

Daily Variety looks at the aging demographics of television viewers:

The major nightly newscasts and newspapers continue to grapple with the need to “get younger,” from the “CBS Evening News’ ” planned makeover and the obscene drift of primetime magazines in television to shorter stories and increased page one “pop culture” coverage in top dailies. Beyond reaching the young adults advertisers covet, the concern is that the next generation needs to develop the news-consuming habit.

Seldom mentioned, however, is the fact that cable news is equally geriatric. Indeed, Fox News Channel and CNN are two of only three leading basic networks (the other being the Hallmark Channel) whose median viewer age is over 60. Headline News rings in next at 59.9, and MSNBC is still on the rickety side at 57.

Yes, I know. I wrote about that a year ago.