Ed Driscoll

TV Versus History

Whenever I visit my parents, I end up spending far more downtime watching cable TV news than I normally do at home, and this past week was no exception. The invention of television 100 years or so ago was one of the great miracles of science, but the medium that’s evolved to fill the vacuum tube is one of the worst ways ever devised to convey serious information. As Michael Medved noted shortly before the 2004 election:

Television is an inherently liberal medium. Visuals appeal to emotion, not reason; Bad news is more interesting than good news and it is also invites liberals to demand that government do something to solve the problem.

In his latest op-ed, Brent Bozell examines the ever-growing disparity between “Liberal TV Pundits vs. History“:

To mark the third anniversary of launching the war to depose Saddam Hussein, the manufacturers of the