Ed Driscoll

The Liberators

Christopher Hitchens debunks yet another myth of the left:

[Chris] Matthews was running through a litany of what he termed “strike-outs” for the Bush administration in Iraq. When he got to “strikes out on the fact that we were going to be greeted as liberators,” Hitchens interrupted:

HITCHENS: No, no. We were greeted as liberators. I saw it myself.

MATTHEWS: The pictures, yeah.

HITCHENS: No, no, I was there. I saw it myself, many many times. American soldiers and British soldiers were greeted by hundreds of thousands of people with real joy. I saw it myself. I can’t believe people say it didn’t happen.”

Notice that Hitchens refers to American and British soldiers–at least in this case–as we; i.e., our soldiers. That’s a more inclusive view of the military than most journalists have.