Ed Driscoll

More Weirdness At The L.A. Times

Last year saw the newspaper praising Communist themed-retirement homes and North Korea. This year–only three and a half months old, remember–has already seen it run an op-ed that began “I don’t support our troops“.

More recently the L.A. Times ran an piece that….well, let Eugene Volokh explain:

Why Did He Steal? Well, Partly Because He’s Black: That, I kid you not, is precisely what an L.A. Times op-ed from last week says. Black conservatives are bad, the theory goes; also, being conservative is spiritually bad for blacks; and that helps explain why White House adviser Claude Allen committed fraud: “It’s hard to imagine that such compromises and cognitive dissonance don’t exact a psychological toll at some point, and Allen’s alleged dabbling in crime might have been that point for him.”

Oh, and quite a charming little reference to “house Negro[es]” a couple of paragraphs before, as well