There's a Reason Why Neville Chamberlain is a Household Name

Dr. Sanity and Stanley Kurtz agree: appeasing tyrants is always a bad idea, as Lawrence Summers’ resignation following his thoughtcrime at Harvard demonstrates. Dr. Sanity writes:


Summers abjectly apologized and fell all over himself backpedaling after making some perfectly harmless remarks which happend to mightily offend (to the point of causing a near-swooning episode) some of his female faculty. And for his herculean efforts to appease the eternal victims of academic feminism, Summers reaped only further scorn and rage, expressed in an angry offensive against his administration–not entirely dissimilar to the escalation of the more recent cartoon jihad.

In the history of academia, I don’t think anyone has ever come closer to voluntary castration for the cause of radical feminism. And look where it got him.

As I have stated before, bullies –no matter what their gender or religion–only thrive on appeasement. The PC Feminists could have learned something from all this; it could have been the starting point of a self-analysis of where they had gone wrong and why they always feel put upon and victimized by life. It is possible that they could have grown and matured from the experience of having their childish tantrums dealt with appropriately for a change. But it will never happen on the PC campus, where free speech and diversity of ideas were sacrificed years ago.

Meanwhile, Sissy Willis reminds us of the totalitarian origins behind many of modern-day academia’s most important memes.


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