Ed Driscoll

Should Cheney Go On Oprah? What Would It Accomplish?

I normally agree with Jim Geraghty. But when Jim writes, “Seriously, if the Vice President could go on Oprah with his hunting buddy, I would recommend it”, all I can do is shake my head and ask why.

If Cheney were planning to run for the president himself in 2008, I’d agree completely. But by all accounts, Cheney is as much of a lame duck as President Bush is. Bush and Cheney’s supporters aren’t going to abandon either man over this. And for those who think that both men are the Anti-Christ, nothing Cheney could do would alter their opinion that he strangles puppies for fun and eats kittens for breakfast.

And the middle? They only barely follow politics, and then only during the last couple of months before elections. To the extent that Cheney’s misfire impacts other Republicans, this gaffe will be old news–or little more than rehashed Letterman riffs–come November in 2006, and especially in 2008.