Ed Driscoll

More From The Cartoon Kingdom

In my post below about The Great Cartoon Crisis Of 2006, I wondered if we’ve heard from Ted Rall or Tom Toles on the story. While I don’t know if either of them have opined, John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit notes that Rall was on Hannity & Colmes defending Toles’ disgusting cartoon featuring a multiple amputee American soldier, and his own attacks on Pat Tillman in 2004:

Hannity brought up Ted Rall’s Tillman cartoon, and Rall went into full whine mode, claiming that Hannity’s producer promised him that Sean wouldn’t bring that up. In a heated exchange, Hannity said that he doesn’t “make deals,” and Alan Colmes backed him.

A minute or so later, Sean called the Tillman cartoon “beyond disgrace,” and said to Rall’s face that he was a “disgraceful human being” and “without a soul.”

Even if you don’t agree with Hannity (or Rall), it was great theater.

It usually is when Rall is called to defend his “art“.