The Heart of Darkness

Last March, when I reviewed Downfall, the superb German-produced film on the final days of the Third Reich, I wrote:

While Hitler and Goebbels are two of history’s most evil men, their women were also warped in their own unqiue ways: Downfall depicts Eva Braun as being almost as manic-depressive as Hitler (although given to more subdued mood swings rather than Hitler’s alternating boiling rage and zonked-out depression); and there is no more evil mother than Magda Goebbels.

(Somewhat astonishingly, this book, which I found at the top of a Google search when double-checking how Magda spelled her full name, claims that her fascination with Buddhism lead her to believe that killing her kids would be fine: they would all be reincarnated back to a better life.)


Neo-Neocon has written a two-part post analyzing Magda Goebbels’ life spent in the circle of absolute evil, and her terrifying final decisions.


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