Ed Driscoll

2005: A Trackbacks Odyssey

Minor housekeeping note: after having to delete trackbacks in August of 2005 because they were bringing my previous Webhost’s shared server to a crawl, and then changing Webhosts this fall, (to Livingdot.com, recommended by Movable Type and I can see why: their customer service is superb), trackbacks are back, at least for now. If the signal-to-spam ratio becomes too skewed, I may turn them off, but they’re working for now.

Mel of Em Two, a Web design house, both taketh and giveth the trackbacks: she did the emergency surgery to delete them when my former Webhost essentially held my site hostage until they were removed, and she reinstalled them yesterday. If you need a great Weblog designer, or just this sort of routine maintenance, stop by her site–and tell her we sent ya.