Ed Driscoll

What, We're Taking Advice From The Losers Now?

Remember the “Five O’Clock Charlie” episode of M*A*S*H? Where a pathetic North Korean pilot flew overhead daily in a rickety prop-driven plane to drop what look like a one pound bomb that invariably landed miles from the ammo dump near the 4077? There was a scene in that show where the visiting general looks at the ammo dump and says to Henry Blake (and I’m paraphrasing): “Henry, it’s classic: store the ammo near hospitals, where it’s less likely to be attacked by the enemy. We learned it from the Germans in World War II.” To which Hawkeye quips, “What, we’re taking advice from the losers now?”

That seems to be the strategy behind the poster created to promote this Bloodrayne movie, which I’ve been seeing everywhere on billboards. It’s obviously based on the poster to promote Jennifer Garner’s Elektra movie from last year. The look, the background, even the costume is virtually identical. And I can certainly understand Hollywood wanting to associate a new film with a blockbuster to subliminally alert a potential audience that hey, if you liked that film, have we got a movie for you!

But in this case, there’s just one problem: Elektra tanked at the box office: Shot for a budget of 43 million dollars, it barely grossed half that at the theaters.

Of course, judging by the poor reviews on the IMDB, Bloodrayne looks like it’ll need all the help it can get: it will probably be an infinitely bigger bomb than anything Five O’Clock Charlie could hope to drop.