Ed Driscoll

David Letterman, Bill O'Reilly, and Transformative Media

Pardon me while I go a little Mcluhan.

Someone (and naturally, I can’t remember whom) once said that the best art transforms how we perceive the art that came before it. New media forms can have that effect has well. The populist tone of Fox News dramatically transformed how millions view other television networks, and if anything, the Blogosphere has impacted how we view the legacy media as a whole. (The very phrase “legacy media” defines the shift.)


Bill O’Reilly appeared on David Letterman last night. I haven’t watched O’Reilly regularly since his debut, but I have to give him credit: his mere appearance and willingness to hold his positions brought out the ill-informed MSM talking points in Letterman. Or as Ace of Spades wrote:

My friend Steve actually was in an argument with a college hippychick one time, and she said, “Well, I may not know all the (finger quotes) ‘facts’ but I just feel that…” At least she was 19 and not 87, or however old Letterman is.


Update: Charles Johnson compresses into three words what I spent a whole paragraph attempting to define: The Letterman Emergence.