Ed Driscoll

Babs And The Goldberg Variations

Yesterday, we mentioned Barbra Streisand’s cri de coeur over Jonah Goldberg’s column being picked up by the L.A. Times, as part of a package that replaces Robert Scheer, formerly the Times’ most prominent far leftist.

Naturally, Jonah is positively giddy about being mentioned by name by La Streisand:

Chanukah came early for the Goldberg household last month. On November 23, Barbra Streisand wrote a letter to the editor complaining that the Los Angeles Times picked me up as a columnist. As gleeful as I was, I declined to respond. But now, just last night, Ms. Streisand chose to post to her website the “director’s cut” of her original letter to the editor, which apparently had been edited for space and, no doubt, for content by the LA Times. I could resist no longer.

Needless to say, read the rest.