Ed Driscoll

All Over Texas, Clay Targets Are Trembling In Fear Today

My wife and I are still at Rough Creek Lodge, and had our first shooting lessons today. Here’s Nina’s report–Ed

I am a long time, knee jerk, gun-phobic, New York City-raised never having met anyone who shot a gun ’til I was in my 20s, gun control (not gun banning, but heavy control) middle-aged dame. So even signing up for shooting lessons was edgy for me.

But boy did I have fun today! Chad (yes, that was really his name, and yes he did look like he was sent over from Central Casting) who taught us was adorable. If only I was 20 years younger, unmarried and could handle living in the wilds of Texas. But I digress. He was wonderful, patient and an excellent teacher.

Right now, dayglow orange three-inch disks all over the Lone Star State are trembling in fear. Ed hit two and “winged” one. (Can you wing a three-inch dayglow orange disk?) I hit one.

Ed will no doubt be buying appropriately understated hunting clothes from very expensive clothiers in England. I was wearing a $19.95 jacket I bought, I kid you not, in a gas station festooned with Harley Davidson murals in Glen Rose, Texas. I will keep it forever as the jacket I lost my shooting virginity in.

Next year we’ll probably sign up for a real hunt, as shooting defenseless three-inch day-glow orange disks is just wrong. Besides, even with a nice Bernaise sauce, shattered clay just doesn’t have much in the way of flavor. Chad said birds are actually easier to hit. For one thing, they are bigger than three inches. And they are much tastier to eat.