Ed Driscoll

Rendezvous With Destiny

In Tech Central Station, Ilya Shapiro writes:

Just as Justices Scalia and Breyer have toured the globe in the pretentiously named “Boston, Melbourne, Oxford Conversazione on Culture,” the country is in the midst of the most public, most important debate about self-governance in several generations. Are we to be a government of laws, or of men? Should judges incorporate evolving societal standards (as they see them) into the law, or should they wait for the political process to achieve whatever result it is meant to achieve? No small beer, this.

And now the gauntlet has been thrown, with Judge Alito — almost as much as Judge Michael Luttig would have been — as the culmination of the post-Bork culture wars.

Robert Bork’s professional destruction kindled a flame that grew to full fire with this nomination.

Sam Alito is set to play Reagan to Bork’s Goldwater — and I must thank my good friends at NPR for opening my eyes (quite literally) to that revelation.

Great analogy.