Ed Driscoll

Money For Nothing

John Hinderaker writes:

France’s former Ambassador to the U.N., who also served as Kofi Annan’s “special adviser,” has been indicted by French authorities for “influence peddling and corruption of foreign officials.” The official, Jean-Bernard Merimee, is alleged to have received kickbacks in the form of oil allocations from Saddam Hussein as part of the Oil-for-Food fraud.

But don’t worry, sports fans:

The French government assures us that there was “‘no link’ between French diplomats’ alleged contacts with Saddam’s regime and France’s decision not to support the U.S.-led war in 2003 that toppled the Iraqi dictator.”

Well, that’s certainly a relief. Sometimes when people pay bribes they expect results in return. But Saddam apparently wasn’t that kind of guy.

He’s the ultimate Goodfella, that Saddam!