Ed Driscoll

Fact Checking Your Donkey

As Wizbang notes, unlike the San Francisco Chronicle, the members of the Conservative Undergound forum know how to use Google.

As I noted earlier this year, the long tail of the Internet (which includes both one-man blogs and several thousand member forums) is a concept that the mainstream media simply does not understand. “They’ve never worried about the tail, ever”, Hugh Hewitt once told me. “And now they’ve got the tail just eating them, all day, 24/7.”

Update: Found via Instapundit, Clayton Cramer explores the Moby angle, adding:

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, if the reason that the left is so focused on calling Bush a liar has something to do with projection? This crowd can’t be bothered with telling the truth about even something as trivial as their party affiliation.

Indeed, as The Blogfather would say.