Ed Driscoll


Whenever I submit the text of a magazine article, I end with three pound symbols (# # #), to tell the editor that he or she’s reached the article’s end.

The alternate symbol is “-30-“, which was once used as the name of a Jack Webb movie, in which My Man Friday played a big city newspaper editor.

30 is also about the number of people who showed up to wage war on the War On Terror in Washington DC today, led by Cindy Sheehan, fresh off her equally not ready for primetime performance in the Big Apple.

Confederate Yankee counts the numbers in DC:

The AP, Washington Post, and other news sources gleefully mentioned Cindy Sheehan’s march on the White House this afternoon. With the exception of Reuters, however, they were all more than willing to forego this little tidbit of information:

Mrs Sheehan was joined by about 30 supporters in her march down Pennsylvania Avenue to deliver a letter to Bush urging him to pull the troops out of Iraq.

That’s all, folks. I count 29 people. This is her entire protest party. Including Cindy.

Just as the -30- symbol tells an editor, the key phrase is “That’s all, folks”.

Update: Charles Johnson notes judicious use of photo cropping by the MSM to hide the miniscule size of the “rally”.