Ed Driscoll

Another Step On The Path To 2014

Compare and contrast the intertwining paths of new media and old, via two items going online simultaneously today: Pajamas Media announces the roadmap to its official launch in November.

Meanwhile, this Washington Post article explains that starting next week, The New York Times’ columnists will only be available online for the true believers willing to pay for the privilege of reading them. As Glenn Reynolds says in the Post:

“It seems to me that it’s a fairly narrow market that’s going to pay for the privilege of reading columns by Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman and such”.

The Post quotes The Professor as saying he’s “completely mystified” by the Times’ decision.

I’m not. They’re just doing their damndest to make the roadmap to 2014 clearer and clearer…

Update: Speaking of the Times and the Post, Bizzy Blog looks at the two papers’ recently disclosed headline sharing agreement, and asks, “Are you still a ‘conspiracy nut’ when the conspiracy is acknowledged?”