Ed Driscoll

Life (As Usual) Imitates Scrappleface

As spotted by James Taranto:

“Sheehan Gets Surprise Visit From Woodstock Artists”–headline, ScrappleFace.com, Aug. 17

“They Are Stardust, and in Texas: At the Crawford Protest Camp, Growing Echoes of Woodstock”–headline and subheadline, Washington Post, Aug. 22


One of those performing at Camp Casey was Joan Baez, whom Norm Geras has a rejoinder to.

Meanwhile, Ann Althouse asks:

Should Democrats bring back the Vietnam era anti-war imagery, with folksinging gatherings and get-out-now rhetoric? I can understand wanting to express yourself that way if that’s what you feel, but you know it didn’t win elections back then. There were some intense events, like the Democratic Convention of 1968, but then Nixon got elected.

Nostalgie De La Left is a topic we’ve explored a few times around here.

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