Bringing It All Back Home, Part Deux

Yesterday, we looked at a couple of recent articles that argued that Islamofascist terrorism has deep roots in the eschaton-raising Marxists and Nazis of 20th century Europe. Jonah Goldberg agrees:


A sizable faction of the Islamists aren’t so much pro-Islam as anti-Western.

Consider Hussain Osman, another of the alleged conspirators, Osman spent his youth as an enormous fan of all things American. “He had a fixation with America,” his girlfriend explained, particularly with hip-hop. The Somali refugee went to the discos all the time and “worshipped” Tupac Shakur, the murdered rapper and son of a Black Panther. Now, it should be made clear that Mr. Osman is what some experts in the field call a “moron.” Explaining to Italian authorities that he “preferred” not to be extradited to Britain


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