Crushing Of Dissent--Now In Paperback!

James Panero of the New Criterion’s “Armavirumque” Weblog observes the ongoing crushing of dissent in Bush’s/Ashcroft’s/Gonzales’/Rove’s America:


The other day we received a Penguin paperback edition of Lewis Lapham’s latest book Gag Rule: On the Supression of Dissent and the Stifling of Democracy. Here is the blurb, in part:

… Never before, Lapham argues, have voices of protest been so locked out of the mainstream conversation, so marginalized and muted by a government that recklessly disregards civil liberties, and by an ever more concentrated and profit-driven media in which the safe and salable sweep all uncomfortable truths from view.

Gag Rule.

Penguin Press.

Now in paperback.

By the editor of Harper’s Magazine.

Oh, will the supression ever end?

If there’s one man who would know–who can predict the future, Yoda-style, it’s Lewis Lapham, Master of Time and Space.


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