Ed Driscoll

The Named and the Unnamed

Chris Muir has a great topical cartoon for Memorial Day:

Meanwhile, Don Surber lists the names of the dead that Doonesbury won’t list.

Found via an item on PoliPundit, where the first few comments are also well worth reading.

Update: These men are also worth remembering.

Another Update: Orrin Kerr of The Volokh Conspiracy is spot-on:

Memorial Day is about honoring the sacrifice of those who gave up their lives fighting in the name of the United States. It is about the living honoring the dead, recognizing their passing and reaffirming our memory and appreciation for what they did. It is about the troops, the grunts, the front-line soliders who left home and did not return. Memorial Day is not a time to separate out which of the dead served and died for good reasons or bad; to second-guess which decisions to declare war, launch a campaign or charge a hill were justified or not; or to test your ability to invent a populist voice to make cheap shots against an Administration you despise. I’m sure there are good times for that, but Memorial Day isn’t one of them.