Ed Driscoll

Springtime For Senators

Ed Morrissey proposes a senatorial addendum to Godwin’s Law:

The next time someone uses Hitler or Nazis to construct an analogy or comparison to American politics during a Senate debate, his or her party loses an hour of floor time. Right now we’re even between Robert Godwin Byrd and Rick Godwin Santorum, meaning that we have now restored the all-important balance of stupidity between the parties just as our Founding Fathers intended.

If any Senator feels the need to try to pervert that balance, the end result will be that we have to hear even less idiocy from the World’s Greatest Deliberative BodyTM. Everybody wins!

Sounds good to me. I’m sure P.J. O’Rourke would be in favor as well.

(Incidentally, any man who’s as great a writer as O’Rourke, and whose first initials are “P.J.” definitely needs to be hooked up with Pajamas Media!)

Update: Lorie Byrd has some thoughts on the subject that are also well worth reading, including this point:

For those getting more of their news from Jon Stewart than from Brit Hume, and who have heard for more than four years now that Bush = Hitler, I wonder how bad a guy they think Hitler could have been?

As others have noted before, Bush=Hitler is a backhanded form of Holocaust denial. Diana Mosely would have been proud.