Ed Driscoll

The Truth Is Out There (Somewhere Beyond Antares)

In yet another Oliver Stone moment, the Empire State’s Congressman Hinchey puts all the pieces together for Sean Hannity. (Note: scroll to end of post for transcript.)

No word yet if Amelia Earhart was involved, though.

Update: this related post by the Blogfather is well worth reading. Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t think it’s in any way comparable to the use of forged documents in an attempt to swing a Presidential election — and I think that anyone who does think so is pretty much beyond rational discourse.

I also think that the people who are trying to inflate this into a big issue are making a dreadful mistake. I eagerly await the reaction when the White House responds to this criticism by requiring everyone who attends a press briefing to make a full financial and sexual disclosure, and starts rating news outlets as “real” or “fake” according to bias. (If I were Rove I’d make some rumblings about this to the press corps, and I’d explicitly cite the lefty bloggers by name, just to stir up trouble . . . .)

* * *

And it really is gay-baiting. And the focus on the gay angle, which nearly all this email features, also betrays a rather deep misapprehension of how I feel about stuff — do I look like a social conservative? As James Lileks wrote:

I just find it amusing that people think that because I support less aggressive taxation and the War I must therefore believe gays should be driven into a pit lined with sharp stakes, and therefore I